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Work Experience


AutoCAD 2014


Drafting and Design,


Structural Steel, Detailing, 3D Modeling, Layouts, Wiring Diagrams, Medical Products, Industrial Fans and Blowers, Photograghic Package Printers, Conveyors, Food Processing Equipment, IC handling Equipment, and Industrial Brush Design.


Process Piping Layout of Oil Refineries.

Drafting and Design


Keltech Engineering 

Senior Mechanical Designer 

Designed web-handling equipment for client companies, such as 3M, using 3D AutoCAD.


3M Corporation  

Systems Administrator, Facilities Engineering and Real Estate North American Division.

Coordinated with 50+ engineering firms, tracking progress on numerous projects.

Monitored distribution of technical drawings.

Insured prompt completion of assignments using BBS, internet, and intranet.

Inspected incoming drawings for compliance with company standards.


Onan Corporation/ Cummins Diesel   

Designed circuit board layout for generators using HP-ME 10/CR 3000.


IMI Cornelius 

Designed and detailed beverage dispenser components using CADAM and ProENGINEER.


Louisiana Pacific 

Created 3D plant layout to retro-fit Enhanced Thermal Oxidizer (pollution control) for Montrose, CO facility.


Twin City Fan and Blower   

Layout and design of Industrial fans and blowers.



Design and layouts of GPS controlled farm equipment using CADAM.


Nord Photo Engineering / Photo Control Corporation   

Designed photo reproduction equipment.

Developed new drafting standards to comply with ISO 9000 and ANSI y14 Standards.

Developed standards for 3D computer modeling of new product designs.


Aetrium Corporation 

Designed and 3D-modeled parts and components.

Actively participated in the ISO 9001 committee.

Developed IC handling equipment for Intel, IBM, Motorola, and others.


Delta Environmental Engineering   

Layout of site maps for petroleum industry.

3M Corporation   

Prepared and developed technical manual for Nuclear Regulatory Commission certification of new fire-stopping products for use in nuclear power plants.


Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur   

3D modeling of clinical lab equipment.


Waterheater Innovations/ Rheem Corporation   

Senior Mechanical Designer/ Documentation Coordinator for Smart House Project.

Tracked engineering change orders, maintained drawing archives, and analyzed all engineering drawings for compliance with industry standards.


Cardiac Pacemaker, Inc. / CPI Guidant/ Eli Lilly   

Designed outer casing, bezels, and accessories for 2950 defibrillator programmer using 3D modeling.


Mentor Urology Corporation  

Implemented 2D and 3D AutoCAD in development of new designs for catheters, penile implants, condoms, and hydration monitors.

Initiated transition from manual to CAD drafting.

Established new CAD drafting standards in accordance with ANSI y 14, ISO 9001, and FDA guidelines, as well as CAD systems maintenance procedures.


Flour City Brush Company   

Developed new industrial brush designs on AutoCAD/AutoLISP to set up CAM and tooling for prototype runs. Developed and established drafting standards for CAD, and archiving of engineering documents.

Created systems maintenance procedures manual for engineering department.

1990- Present

Minneapolis Drafting School/ Herzing College Electro-Mechanical Design

Managed large group of Engineers and Draftsman for Fortune 100 Company.

Additional Qualifications
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